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The modest monthly membership investment needed to install JC Online enables an organization to save time, reduce costs and maximize effectiveness.
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Overview (How JC Online is serving Christian Legal Aid)

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JC Online Sponsors: As noted in the brochure above, JC Online is sponsored by the Christian Legal Society, Administer Justice, AT&T, and Proof Of Design, Inc. (View Sponsor Testimonies HERE). Justice Center Online (JC Online) has opened a new door to how 21st century volunteers can coordinate and communicate their volunteer service activities and schedules to their community.

JC Online Volunteer Empowerment: JC Online was built from the ground up to improve your volunteer organization's effectiveness by empowering volunteers to manage their own volunteer schedules, clients, cases and follow-up case activity communications while maintaining administrative control of all volunteer activities.

Training: Teaching Volunteers to Better Help Themselves

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JC Online Demonstration Movie: Turn on your headphones or computer speakers for a 9 minute walk through of the features and benefits of the suite of JC Online tools and screens.

Quick Tour (Meet Scott) Movie: Turn on your headphones or computer speakers to meet Scott McNamara, President and Chief Developer of JC Online. This multi-media demo and presentation illustrate the vision behind JC OnLine.


JC Online Testimonies

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JC Online was not built in a science lab... No, JC Online was designed, tested, prototyped, piloted, and delivered to a thriving justice center team located in the Chicago area called "Administer Justice.

Read the testimonies for co-designers such as Bruce Strom (Executive Director) of Administer Justice, or national JC Online sponsors such as Brent McBurney (National Director) of the Christian Legal Society. Read about why AT&T awarded a special technology grant to Administer Justice and JC Online to further this important work.


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