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Email Communications

Constant Contact Email Sample

JC Online information can be included in email communcations by sending individual "personal" emails, and by uploading larger email lists and statistics to Constant Contact for mass email communications.

Sending Single Emails from JC Online:

Let's assume that you want to send personal email reminders and comments to the volunteers that have signed up to volunteer this coming Saturday. I'm assuming that the volunteers were signed up for the event using the JC Online Scheduler screens.

Click HERE for the steps to generate "personal" email reminders to each volunteer...

Sending Constant Contact Emails:

If you're new to Constant Contact, click HERE to watch their introduction video. To send a large quantity of "personalized" emails all at once using JC Online statustical information, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Your JC Online List: Open the "All Accounts" menu and choose a detail list that includes an Email field as the first column. Feel free to apply a filter to the list before exporting the results to Constant Contact.
  2. Export Your JC Online List: Click on the Email List button located at the top of the JC Online detail list to send your filtered JC Online statistical data directly to a csv file format. Save the csv file to a file folder and file name on your computer that you can retrieve later. You might consider adding the date to the name of your csv file to help you keep track of your newly exported list.
  3. Login to your Constant Contact Account: If you don't already have a Constant Contact account, click HERE to register. Feel free to sign-up for the free account if your initial emails are not expected to exceed 100 email addresses. Login to your Constant Contact account and click the "Contacts" tab at the top menu. Our first job is to upload the JC Online email contact list to our Constant Contact account. After clicking the Contacts tab, click "Add / Import" to upload your JC Online contacts list you previously saved to your computer as a csv file format.
  4. Create a New List: Click "Create a New List" to upload your JC Online csv file that you saved in the previous steps . You will be asked to NAME your JC Online list and click Save. I like to name my lists based on its purpose (such as "JC Online Volunteer Reporting List"). If you want to replace an old list, consider deleting the old list before uploading the new list. This helps avoid confusion between the old lists and new.
  5. Import Your JC Online List from CSV to Contact Contact: After clicking on "Add / Import" you will be asked to Name your new list. Give the list a name your will associate with the type of email communications you hope to make with this list. After clicking Save + Next, you will be asked "how would you like to add your list?" Choose "Import my list from a file on my computer" and click Next.
  6. Specify File Location + Import: You will then be asked to "Specify the File Location" where your csv file is saved on your computer. Click "Browse" to point Constant Contact to the location of the JC Online csv file on your computer and click "Open". Once the location of the csv file is listed in the "File to Upload" window, click "Submit Data" to view your import permission check boxes. You must check all of the boxes in the "Permissions Confirmation Check List" and click "Submit" to start your contact list import. For more details from the Constant Contact Help Center on how to import a csv file into your Constant Contact account click HERE. Also, feel free to call Constant Contact technical support if you are still struggling with how to import a csv file into your Constant Contact account.
  7. Assign Imported Field Names : Constant Contact attempts to identify each field name inside your csv file and to apply one of their standard field names to identify what each field in your list represents. For example, Constant Contact does a good job identifying the "First Name and Home Phone fields, but needs your help assigning the "Address 1" field name. You'll notice that you will have to use the pulldown lists under each field that is flagged with a red warning message to manually assign the field names to a Constant Contact field name choice. You should assigned every field that you are considering using in your email communication. However, you should choose "Do Not Import" under any field that you find completely unusable for your email communication (such as "Created By" or "Modified By". Please consider using the name fields, statstics (if any), and the login and password fields in your email communications. Note: Login and password information from JC Online inserted in your email communicatoin can be helpful to volunteers that may have forgotten their JC Online login name and password. Including Login Name and Passwords in your email communication will increase the likelihood that volunteer will use JC Online to follow-up on previous actions, or maybe volunteer for future volunteer schedules. When you've completed the field mappings, click Import.
  8. Import Successful! You may have to wait a few minutes (they way up to 2 hours...but, I've never waited more than 10 minutes) for your Constant Contact list to be imported into your Constant Contact email account. To watch the status of your import, click on the Activity link under the "You may also want to visit the Activity screen for a status of your import and error reports, if any." Also, if you have any missing email address errors on any of your volunteers, these volunteers will not import into Constant Contact.
  9. Creating A Constant Contact Email: You are now ready to generate an Email using one of the many Constant Contact email templates. Begin by clicking on the Email Tab near the top of the Constant Contact web page. Then click on "Create" to start a new email. Otherwise, click My Emails to return to a previous email template.
    Email Name
  10. Assign Email Name: To create a new email template, assign a unique email name to your new email template and click Next. This name will be used by Constant Contact to keep track of the email your are linking to your JC Online contact list. This email template name will not appear inside the emails sent to your volunteers or clients.
    Email Name
  11. Email Message Settings: Complete the Eamil Message Settings and click Save, then click Next. The Subject will appear in your email "subject" line at the top of each email. The "From Name" is the name that appears in your contact's Inbox next to the Subject line of your email. People will often delete mail or report it as spam if they do not instantly recognize who the mail is from. Therefore, it is very important to make your "From Name" recognizable and familiar to your contacts. In most cases your contacts are more likely to recognize your business or association name rather than your personal name. For example, "Scott McNamara From JC Online" may be more recognizable than simply "Scott McNamara".
  12. Adjust Template Colors, Images & Text: Use the Title blocks to setup the basic look and feel of your email communication. There are many Constant Contact techniques for making a very impressive email layout that can be learned by watching Constant Contact's training movies by clicking HERE.
  13. Insert JC Online Fields into Your Email Template: Edit any of the Email Template Blocks to add your personal comments to your volunteers. In addition, you should insert Contact Detail fields into the body of your message using the "Insert Contact Details" pulldown list on the left side of your block editor. These Contact Detail fields are the fields you mapped to your imported JC Online contact details.
  14. JC Online Screen Links: In addition to inserting JC Online fields, you can also insert a JC Online web address link in the body of your message to encourage your volunteers jump to an area of JC Online that you want them to visit. You do this by click on the Insert "Links" feature of Constant Contact. For instance, you could insert a JC Online link to jump the volunteer directly to the volunteer schedule sign-up page. By providing each volunteer their login name and password, you're increasing the likelihood that they will actually visit JC Online and increase their volunteer involvement.
  15. Save Final Email Template Changes: When you're finished designing your Email template and Blocks, save the template, link the email to a contact list, and send.
  16. Setup Delivery Time: When you're all ready to send, you'll be asked to schedule the delivery of your emails. Here's a picture of the delivery setup screen in Constant Contact:

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