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Mail Communications

Mailing labels, form letters and badges can be generated from lists exported from JC Online by saving the lists to Excel, and linking the WORD Mail and WORD Mailing Labels wizards to your JC Online exported list.

Exporting JC Online Contact Lists

The detailed techniques for exporting a contact list from JC Online is described in detail in the Email Communications section with the exception of which Export button is used to export a JC Online list. Click the Excel button picture to send a list directly into an Excel spreadsheet. Save the name of the Excel spreadsheet to a folder location on your computer. For more examples on how to export a list from JC Online, review the Email communications section by clicking HERE.

Using WORD Mail Merge

Use the WORD Mail Merge wizard in Microsoft WORD to generate form letters, mailing labels, and badges. Simply link the Mail Merge wizard to the location of your exported Excel spreadsheet containing your JC Online exported contact list.

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