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The modest monthly membership investment needed to install JC Online enables an organization to save time, reduce costs and maximize effectiveness.
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Getting Started (with Justice Center Online)

If you're ready to get your membership started, follow these five steps (A thru E)...

A - Setup your on-going monthly membership payments for only $295 per month.

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Special Instructions to JC Online:

B - Download JC Online Forms

  1. All Forms (in a single pdf)
  2. New Contact Form (New Client)
  3. Case Summary Forms
  4. Case Action Forms
  5. Legal Questionnaire Form
  6. Religious Questionnaire Form
  7. Volunteer Sign-Up Form

C - Begin Team Training

  1. Review the LEARN JC Online processes and system techniques by clicking HERE.

D - Setup Constant Contact (Click HERE)

E - Purchase Additional Services (Call Us)

  1. Old Data Conversion: Bring your old case and contact data into JC Online.
  2. Custom Team Training: Let us customize your team's training with live classes and web casts.
  3. E-Newsletter Assistance: We provide training and consulting in using Constant Contact.
  4. Phone Technical Support: Purchase phone consulting support for $160 per hour.
  5. Form Customization:
    • OfficeWorks Purchase the FormsTool6 Software Online for $29.95 Standard Edition
    • JCForms_1f.ftf Download form file to edit for your special needs.