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QA (Quality Assurance)

Although we "empower" JC Online volunteers with the ability to add, edit and sometimes delete client, case and schedule data, we grant special QA powers to JC Online Administrators to "supervise" the record add and modify activities for the entire organization.

This "QA" power enables the organization's administrators to "supervise" the activities of their JC Online users. If an administrator finds that a volunteer is consistently adding records incorrectly, the administrator can identify the offending user using the QA screens and contact the offending volunteer and provide additional training or instruction as needed.

In addition to training an offending volunteer, the records waiting for QA are "fixable" right on the QA screen to facilitate quick corrections.

New Add Records (QA):

When a volunteer adds a new client, case summary, case action, volunteer schedule, or timesheet posting, JC Online adds the new record to one of the QA Administrator screens to alert the administrator of the new record, and allow the administrator to edit or delete the new record. After review the new record, the administrator simply clicks on the New Record check box to approve the new record and automatically remove it from the list of pending list of new QA records.

Modified Records (QA):

When records are changed (modified) in JC Online, the changed records appear in their associated QA screen. These screens are used by JC Online administrators to "supervise" the JC Online volunteers making changes to your organization's data. By regularly supervising record changes the JC Online administrators are kept aware of what activities are taking place, and they provide "management supervision" of key activities.

For instance, if a new client is added in JC Online by a volunteer, but the client's address is omitted from the new client entry, the QA Administrator will quickly see the issue and can email the volunteer (with a link to the actual client page) to get the address issue corrected. This type of supervision communication helps maintain the "quality" of your JC Online data, increases the "accountability" of the volunteers entering data, and provides a very targeted for of training since the training is directed to a specific volunteer activity.

Administrator Security:

Only JC Online users granted "Administrator QA" security level will be able to see the QA screens in JC Online. Since QA Administrator powers have the power to add, edit and delete data records added or edited by volunteers, it is important to only give QA Administrator security powers to dependable and conscientious JC Online users. Also, since QA Administrators have the power to QA changes to their own records as well as the records of others, the Administrator should be both competence to review data records and trustworthy to edit the records of others.

Review all volunteer security setup choices under the Organization Setup web page by clicking HERE.

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