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The modest monthly membership investment needed to install JC Online enables an organization to save time, reduce costs and maximize effectiveness.
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Schedule An Appointment: Click HERE or on the "Appointment" button below to make a scheduled service appointment.

How To Schedule an Appointment: When the JC Online appointment schedule appears, choose a "type of service", choose a technician (e.g. Scott McNamara), and pick an available day and time using the calendar and time scheduler. Please notice that there is a minimum charge of for service. Prices are displayed at $40 per 1/4 hour.

Retainer Hours Discount vs. "As Needed" Fees: Clients with unused pre-paid retainer hours will be charged their discounted retainer hourly rate ($25 per 1/4 hour). Clients without pre-paid discounted retainer hours will be charged the regular "as needed" $40 per 1/4 hour service fee.

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