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JC Online Membership Terms & Conditions


By purchasing a Justice Center Online membership for your organization, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Corporate Identity: Proof Of Design, Inc. is the corporation who owns Justice Center Online (henceforth referred to as JC Online) and provides the services of JC Online to membership organizations. This agreement refers to the Proof Of Design, Inc. corporation whenever it uses the phrases of "JC Online", "JC Online Team", "the company" or "suite of JC Online".
  2. Membership Privileges: As a member of JC Online, you will be provided the following list of services covered as part of your monthly membership fee:
    • Unlimited use of JC Online systems, training tutorial movies, forms and reports for users within the scope and mission of your organization.
    • Unlimited email technical support using the email support contact instructions provided by the Justice Center Online website.
    • Unlimited use of the JC Online standard forms. No additional license or royalties are required for the use of these forms by member organizations.
  3. What Membership Does Not Cover: Your on-going monthly membership fee does not cover the following services; but can be arranged for an additional charge:
    • Custom JC Online training sessions via webcast or live classroom.
    • Constant Contact E-Newsletter monthly fees, expenses, training or support.
    • Custom programming, development or testing related to your organization's website.
    • Form customization services or software.
    • Phone technical support. Phone support is available for an additional charge of $40 per quarter hour if needed.
    • Any other services not specifically mentioned in the "Membership Privileges" section above.
  4. Money Back Guarantee Policy: Proof Of Design, Inc. will refund up to the initial membership fee of $295 of actual costs paid by a new customer if cancellation of JC Online services is received via email within 30 days of the first membership fee transaction.
  5. Membership Cancellation: Both parties agree that they may terminate their relationship at anytime and for any reason. If at anytime either party cancels your membership with JC Online, the JC Online team will make reasonable effort to return a complete copy of all of the data that was being archived in the JC Online databases for your account. This data will be converted to multiple Excel spreadsheets or a Microsoft Access database depending on the quantity and complexity of the data required. In addition, JC Online will make reasonable effort to retain your data in the JC Online databases for up to three months while you are transitioning away from the JC Online suite of services. If after three months you continue to express no desire to return to an active membership, then Proof Of Design, Inc. reserves the right to delete all data related to your membership.
  6. Payment Issues: You are required to pay each month's JC Online membership in advance of each month that the services will be used. If after any part of a month has begun you choose to cancel your membership, you are not entitled to any refund on that month's membership fee. However, if you have prepaid for JC Online services in advance of the month of service and you decide to cancel, JC Online will make reasonable effort to refund the prorated balance of the prepaid fees. If you are delinquent in paying for your JC Online membership after the 1st day of the month of service, then you agree to pay an additional 10% of that month's fee for every month that the fee is delinquent. In exchange for this 10% per month surcharge, the JC Online team will make every effort to continue your membership use of JC Online for up to three months of delinquency. If after three months you do not pay all outstanding delinquent account balances, Proof Of Design, Inc. reserves the right to terminate your membership and file legal proceedings as JC Online deems necessary.
  7. Proof Of Design, Inc. Intellectual Property RIghts: Proof Of Design, Inc. is the designer, developer, installer and support team of the Justice Center Online suite of systems, training movies and forms. The company has made a significant personal and financial investment in the design, development, delivery and support of the JC Online system. You agree to take reasonable effort to protect the intellectual property rights of the company including the promise to not intentionally grant JC Online security rights to any user whose primary intent is to copy, modify or compromise the proprietary configuration designs that make up the suite of tools known as JC Online.
  8. Exclusivity: You agree not to sell or financially charge any user, company or organization for their use of JC Online. Also, you may not grant security rights to any users that do not serve under the scope of your organization as defined by your organization's non-profit charter. Also, you may not use your monthly membership account to grant security rights to users whose primary purpose is to serve the interests of another organization without the express and written permission of Proof Of Design, Inc.
  9. Data Confidentiality: Although Proof Of Design, Inc. promises not to use any of your organization's JC Online information for any purpose other than the on-going support of JC Online services to your organization, Proof Of Design, Inc. will make reasonable effort to protect the confidentiality of JC Online information. However, due to the relative nature of internet-related data security, and due to the fact that many volunteers and administrators in each group of users have access to the same types of organization information, JC ONLINE CAN NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR DATA WILL BE PROTECTED FROM COMPUTER HACKERS, UNAUTHORIZED USERS INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION, OR AUTHORIZED USERS BELONGING TO A MEMBER ORGANIZATION. For this reason you agree not to data enter information into JC Online that is of a highly sensitive and confidential nature. Furthermore, you agree not to enter sensitive identity information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, banking information, and personal identity security codes into JC Online that might compromise a community of clients or users. Also, you agree that you will not attempt to obtain case or contact information related to clients, cases or volunteers belonging to a different JC Online member organization without their express and written consent.
  10. Hold Harmless: You agree to hold Proof Of Design, Inc. harmless for any damages caused by your use of the Justice Center Online system (henceforth to be called JC Online). You agree to release the company of any responsibility for the use or misuse of information entered, copied or exported in/out of JC Online by any authorized or unauthorized JC Online users or potential computer hackers. Also, you agree to hold the company harmless for any termination of services related to delinquent payment issues with your organization. Also, since internet technology depends significantly on the availability of hardware, software and external services for which Proof Of Design, Inc. has little or no control, you agree to hold Proof Of Design, Inc. harmless in the event of an intentional or unintentional system failure or internet attack, accidental or intentional permanent loss of your organization's data, or in the event of intentional or accidental termination of your membership services. Also, you agree to hold the JC Online team harmless for damages caused to you through extra services performed by the JC Online team on your behalf.
  11. Payment of Additional Services: If your organization requests the JC Online team to perform additional services that are not covered by your monthly JC Online membership, and you are notified by the JC Online team by email of your request and the amount of charges are agreed to by email correspondence, then you promise to pay for services provided. If after services are provided you refuse to make payment, the JC Online team reserves the right to immediately terminate your membership according to the Membership Cancellation procedures mentioned above. If you had previously prepaid for JC Online membership service fees, the JC Online team reserves the right to use the remaining prepaid membership balance to compensate the JC Online team for the performance of the additional services.
  12. Price Changes: Due to the variable costs associated with providing the JC Online suite of services to members, Proof Of Design, Inc. reserves the right to change the monthly membership fee for any or all member organizations without their consent or notification. However, the JC Online team will make reasonable effort to notify member organizations by email at least 30 days in advance of any change in their monthly membership fee. Members not willing to accept a change in their membership fee will be granted a three month exemption from the change during which time they may prepare for the eventual canceling of their membership account. If after three months you communicate that you are not willing to accept the change in membership fee, then your monthly membership will be cancelled according to the cancellation procedures noted above.
  13. Lawful Government Inspection: You agree to obey all government orders to grant United States government agencies the rights to review your JC Online data if required by applicable law and petition. You agree to hold the JC Online team harmless for any information released from your JC Online records related to such an inquiry.