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JC Online was not developed in a closet. With over 2000 hours of design and development, four prototypes built, three pilots launched in a live justice center, and countless hours of feedback from industry leaders all contributed to the success of JC Online. Here's a few of the people that have made a significant contribution to our success...

Bruce Strom (Executive Director: Administer Justice)

...Justice Center Online will allow us to expand service locations to help alleviate the one-way two hour drive some individuals make as they come from 21 different counties to see us.

...It is amazing how big a difference all these enhancements are making.

Email:  bstrom@AdministerJustice.Org

Visit: www.AdministerJustice.org

Brent McBurney (National Director: Christian Legal Society)

...JC Online, which they have been developing, is just about the most amazing online software I've seen and I believe, will revolutionize CLA (Christian Legal Aid) clinics and the way we help our clients and make it easier for our volunteers to be a part.

Email: bmcburney@clsnet.org

Visit: www.clsnet.org

David Strahl (AT&T External Affairs - Illinois)

..."We were very impressed with what Administer Justice has been able to accomplish and are pleased to support them in the good work they are providing to thousands of low-income individuals in the area," said David Strahl, director of external affairs for AT&T Illinois.

AT&T Accelerator Technology Grant for JC Online Project: Nov, 2007

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