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Volunteer Scheduling

Scheduling: Both Full Security and Administrator Security volunteers can setup new scheduled events to request volunteers to sign-up for service.

Volunteer Schedules: Volunteer can sign-up to volunteer for any event setup in the Scheduler for the organization. A volunteer can easily review their schedule within their volunteer account under My Schedule.

Schedule Reporting: Individual scheduled events can be printed with a list of the scheduled volunteers included. Also, past volunteer schedules are available for analysis and reporting in the ALL ACCOUNTS menu.


Full Security and Administrator Security volunteers can setup new scheduled events by clicking on their Scheduler menu at the top of their screen. They must provide a future service date, service location, service role needed, and quantity of volunteers needed. Also, they must add a name of a volunteer as the "Coordinator" of the scheduled event. Lastly, they may include comments regarding the special needs of the event that can be read by the volunteers signing-up.

Volunteer Schdules

The volunteer use their MY SCHEDULE button at the top of their screen (also available in the MY ACCOUNT screen by click on the green Heart button) to view their current volunteer schedule. If they want to add a volunteer activity to their schedule (or just browse through the list of scheduled event needs) they click on the ADD TO MY SCHEDULE button at the top of their personal schedule. This opens the list of all scheduled events where they can easily add their name as a volunteer. After adding their name to an event, the event is immediately added to their personal MY SCHEDULE calendar. Three days after the scheduled event, the event is dropped from the schedule. However, all volunteer schedule history is available to the FULL and ADMINISTRATOR users in their ALL ACCOUNTS reports by clicking on the blue Volunteer Schedule Heart button.

Schedule Reporting

As the scheduled event gets closer, a FULL or ADMIN security volunteer may choose to view and print a specific event list as an easy way of printing the list of volunteers scheduled to serve for the event. If a FULL or ADMIN user wants historical information on volunteer service sign-up activities, they may export scheduled history to Excel using the Quick Excl button found in the Schedule Reports screen in their ALL ACCOUNTS menu.

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