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Volunteer Setup

Every new JC Online organization starts with adding new volunteers to JC Online. Each volunteer is given a JC Online "Account" with login and password security to work with clients, cases, schedules, activity reporting, and their own volunteer time sheets.

Let's walk through the "typical" volunteer setup...

Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Before entering a new volunteer's profile information into JC Online, you have the option of emailing to a "prospective volunteer" a electronic JC Online Volunteer Sign-up form. The volunteer can print this form, complete it by hand, and then fax or mail it back to your office. Using a paper form to gather volunteer information can sometimes simplify new volunteer setup. However, the paper form is completely optional since a new volunteer can be setup by one of your JC Online volunteers that have Administrator security rights.

Click HERE to download the latest JC Online Volunteer Form.

Volunteer Account

As soon as a volunteers contact information has been added to JC Online and either Limited, Full or Administrator security has been granted, a volunteer is ready to login to JC Online and begin to serve. As a volunteer logged into JC Online, each volunteer has a main menu button at the top of their screen called "MY ACCOUNT" which holds their volunteer profile (contact info), any case actions that have been done to the volunteer (if they are a former client as well as a volunteer), their volunteer "time sheets", the volunteer schedule (where they sign-up to serve), the activity logs (easy access to all of their actions and referrals), and their personal volunteer activity reports.

Volunteer Profile

Volunteer's Profile

This button opens the volunteer's profile containing their contact information, security settings, and any comments you want to include against this volunteer's profile. Also, just below the profile there is a pull down called "Contact Managers". Contact Managers are added against this volunteer if you want to grant another volunteer the rights to manage this volunteer's activities. For example, you might consider adding a volunteer attorney's legal aid as a contact manager if you want the legal aid to always be able to manage the attorney's clients, cases, and schedules.

Cases Done To The Volunteer (Volunteer was a former client)

If a volunteer has received client services from your organization in the past, then their case history is included in their account. A volunteer has full viewing rights to their own personal case history.

Volunteer's Time Sheets

A volunteer uses the "Time Sheets" button in their account to post volunteer service time. For instance, if a volunteer spent three hours on a Saturday afternoon as a volunteer attorney meeting with clients in your organization, the volunteer attorney should post a time sheet for three hours using the "Attorney" service role. These time activities are summarized in the volunteers reports. Also, time postings by "service role" are summarized in the organization's grant reporting.

Volunteers Schedule

Volunteers can sign-up for volunteer service using the My Schedule button in their account. This button takes the volunteer to the Scheduler screen where they can review your organization's needs by date. Also, the names of the volunteers that have already scheduled themselves to volunteer are viewable by all volunteers. This is done to promote volunteer recruitment by encouraging volunteers to co-volunteer their services on the same dates as their friends and peers.

Volunteer's Actions

This "Actions" button will take a volunteer to a list of all of the service actions taken by the volunteer. In addition, any cases, clients, actions, or time sheets added or modified by the volunteer are also organized into easily searchable lists. Furthermore, any case actions "Referred" to this volunteer are included in this section of their account.

Volunteer's Reports

Volunteer reports are available using this "Reports" button listed in the volunteer's account.. Volunteer can easily run reports by time, by type of service performed, and by date of service. The reports are summarized by service month using a YYYYMM format (example: 200801 = January, 2008)

Volunteer Security

Review volunteer security setup choices under the Organization Setup web page by clicking HERE.


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